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Stokebrandt; A personal story

The designer of Stokebrandt is Reinier Rozestraten. This Amsterdam-born Dutchman came up with the design of Stokebrandt when he decided he wanted to enjoy the outdoors as it was intended. He wanted something that would allow him to cook endlessly together with his family and friends, that could become a table so that he and his friends could sit down with a good glass of wine. And finally, when it got cold he wanted to make a nice fire so that everyone could stay outside for as long as possible.

A beautiful device that united all these features simply did not exist. So he decided to build it himself. As an experienced technical designer took the lead and decided that he did not want a disposable product, but something that would be timeless and fun. After brainstorming, prototyping and fine-tuning the design, Stokebrandt is finally here : Pure, versatile and user friendly.


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Rich in simplicity, it was about making stokebrandt. Beautiful to look at with its pure and open shape. A crafty and robust design that is weather- and windproof and keeps the glossy time. The scale was manufactured by a proven method in a special Dutch sheet metal mill. The simple alignment-less is more, the black steel and the stainless steel accents give Stokebrandt a contemporary character. The round shape gives the design an inviting look. The Dutch oven reminds Stokebrandt of earlier times. Stokebrandt is Dutch design rooted in craft.

Stokebrandt is pure enjoyment.


Research has shown that barbecues are only used a few times a year and that most people can only grill but not actually cook, fry, stew and bake. By far the majority of barbecues can not handle the heat of a real wood fire and therefore they are not suitable for use as a fireplace. And what is nicer than eating and enjoying the outdoors without having to go in because it’s getting too cold? Stokebrand has a practically indestructable bowl which can handle a wood fire. And when you’re done, you don’t have to take it into the shed or in the corner of the garden. Just put the aluminium lid on it and then you have a nice table for your garden . Now that is a smart idea!

Stokebrandt can do it all.

User friendly design

Everything about Stokebrandt has been devised with the user in mind. Anyone can use it. The smart grille is rotatable, height adjustable and easy to clean. The handle always stays cool. The innovative, adjustable 3-foot foot provides maximum stability. The loose handles make Stokebrandt easy to move. The special inner ring keeps the fire extra safe and compact. Last but not least: Stokebrandt is the ideal space saver and can stay outside in all seasons of the year.

Stokebrandt; for everyone.